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How Older Adults Can Make the Most of Spring in Florida

Spring in Florida brings some of the most beautiful weather and lots of wonderful outdoor activities to go with it. Fleet Landing’s proximity to Jacksonville means Residents are within a few blocks of the beach and everything the surrounding area offers. Check out these popular attractions to make the most of springtime in Florida while staying active, safe, and healthy.

Visit the Jacksonville Zoo

The Jacksonville Zoo offers a great opportunity to get up close and personal with more than 2,000 animals and 1,000 plants. Seniors can get plenty of exercise while walking the 115-acre zoo and connecting with nature. It’s entertaining and educational. Besides being a great option as a day out for older adults, the Jacksonville Zoo is also loads of fun for visiting grandchildren. Kids enjoy feeding the giraffes, petting stingrays, and playing at the Play Park and Splash Ground. 

How to enjoy the zoo to its fullest: 

  • Wear Sunscreen: Florida is noted for its year-round sunshine, so wandering around outdoors at the zoo means wearing sunscreen to protect your skin from harmful UV rays. Apply sunscreen liberally and often to prevent sunburn.
  • Stay Hydrated: Springtime temperatures in Jacksonville typically include highs from the mid to upper 70s until May, when they climb into the 80s. These temps are high enough to dehydrate you, especially when walking great distances. The zoo allows visitors to bring outside water bottles inside, with refillable water fountains throughout the property.
  • Wear Shoes Meant for Walking: With 115 acres to explore, visiting the Jacksonville Zoo involves lots of walking. While walking keeps seniors active and healthy, wearing shoes not intended for this activity can ruin your outing and leave your feet in pain. Besides comfort, opt for supportive footwear with good grip and traction to maintain stability and prevent falls.

Spend a Day at Atlantic Beach

Spring’s warm, sunny days are the perfect time to relax on the sand and watch the waves roll in at Atlantic Beach. It’s an ideal spot for enjoying part of Jacksonville’s 22 miles of white-sand shoreline. Besides numerous water activities, visitors find plenty of shopping and dining options at the Beaches Town Center. Seniors may also enjoy Atlantic Beach’s Cultural Corridor and the Atlantic Beach Arts Market. Atlantic Beach is pet-friendly if you want to bring your furry friends for a frolic in the surf. 

How to stay safe at the beach: 

  • Wear Sunscreen: The beach typically offers less shade as you stroll along the shoreline, so wearing sunscreen is even more critical. Use a water-resistant sunscreen if you plan to go swimming, and reapply often for long-lasting protection.
  • Wear Light Layers: While the sun may be warm, the ocean breeze sometimes brings a chill. Dress in light layers that you can easily add or remove as needed to stay comfortable throughout your day at the beach.
  • Pay Attention to Warning Flags and Beach Conditions: Always check conditions before entering the water, look for warning flags, or ask a lifeguard about potential hazards on the beach and in the water. Atlantic Beach has a warning flag system to keep visitors informed.some text
    • Two red flags mean the beach is closed, and you’ll need to pick a new adventure.
    • One red flag indicates high surf, strong rip currents, or other dangers might hide in the depths.
    • Yellow designates less severe water hazards, but still take care out there.
    • Purple means potentially dangerous marine life might be lurking about.
    • Green means all systems are go, so dive in and have a great time.

Bike on Big Talbot Island

Big Talbot Island in Jacksonville is a state park that provides an excellent option for biking, birdwatching, and photography. Seven parks come together to form Big Talbot Island, so there is plenty to see. With single day passes available, you can explore all of the diverse habitats, including the famous salt washed oak and cedar trees. 

Attend THE PLAYERS Golf Tournament

THE PLAYERS Golf Tournament is an exciting springtime event and a great opportunity for seniors who enjoy golf to see the stars up close. However, even those who aren’t golfing enthusiasts can appreciate the beautifully manicured courses and the thrill surrounding the PGA Tour’s flagship event. Thousands flock to the area to catch the tournament, so plan accordingly. When there aren’t professional tournaments, seniors can play a round on THE PLAYERS Stadium Course, ranked the No. 2 golf course in Florida by Golf Digest magazine.

How to make the most of your experience: 

  • Wear the Right Shoes: Walking the course during the tournament requires comfortable shoes with good support, traction and grip to prevent injuries. If you’re hitting the links, wear appropriate golf shoes.
  • Stay Hydrated: Physical activities, such as walking a golf course under Florida’s sunny skies, can be dehydrating. THE PLAYERS allows tournament attendees to bring empty refillable plastic or metal cups (up to 32 ounces) inside and fill them at filtered water stations throughout the venue.
  • Wear Light Layers and a Sun Hat: The sun can get intense on the course, but cool breezes could give you a chill. Wear light layers that you can add or remove as needed and a wide-brimmed hat to shield your face from direct sunlight.

Check Out the Shows at Alhambra Theatre

The Alhambra Theatre is a fantastic option for seniors seeking to treat themselves to a memorable performance and a delicious three-course meal. It’s one of the longest-running professional dinner theaters in the country. During Spring 2024, you can catch a performance of the Rodgers & Hammerstein classic Oklahoma! and a Jimmy Buffett tribute.

How to make the most of your experience: 

  • Wear Earplugs: Programs can be loud, so consider wearing earplugs to protect your ears. If you’re sensitive to loud noises, wearing earplugs can help make your experience more enjoyable.
  • Wear a Mask: If you’re concerned about being in close quarters with others, consider wearing a mask while attending a live performance. Wearing a mask provides an extra layer of protection against airborne particles and helps reduce your exposure to germs.

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At Fleet Landing, we’re always planning special trips for our Residents. Besides the locations mentioned above, we also plan on taking an Adventure Boat Dolphin Eco Tour and visiting the Lightner Museum and MOSH (Museum of Science and History) this spring. We help you live life to the fullest with our proprietary WELLInspired program, which promotes total wellness — physical, emotional, spiritual, social, vocational, and intellectual.

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