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Why Jacksonville Is One of the Best Places to Retire

Looking for the ideal retirement location?  Considering a sunny coastal spot with easy beach access? If so, Jacksonville should be at the top of your list. Jacksonville is the only Florida city to make the list of Best Places to Retire in 2023 from Forbes. The list points out the low home prices, good air quality and lots of parks as some of the top reasons that Jacksonville is an ideal retirement spot.

Independent Living at Fleet Landing puts you just six blocks from the beach with easy access to all that  Jacksonville has to offer. Plus, this area is ideal for maintaining an active lifestyle, as the beach neighborhoods offer plenty of opportunity for walking, biking, and swimming. Find out why Jacksonville is a top contender for retirees.

What Makes an Ideal Retirement Location?

There are a wide range of factors to consider when choosing a place to retire, including the cost of living, climate, safety, and opportunities for enriching activities. As you weigh your options, remember to think about the following:

  • Costs and safety. Finding a secure location helps you relax and feel safe in your retirement years. Consider the cost of living in retirement locations that interest you, because more expensive areas can impact your long-term financial well-being..
  • Healthcare accessibility. As you age, you often have more health needs and may develop chronic conditions that require specialists. Research the availability of quality healthcare professionals in the areas you're considering. Your mental and social well-being are also key factors in choosing a place that helps you prosper in your later years.
  • Amenities and local attractions: Now that you're retired, you have more free time to explore and participate in fun activities. Look for a spot that offers a variety of local options to support an active lifestyle.

How Does Jacksonville Stack Up?

Jacksonville checks several boxes when it comes to the ideal retirement location. Here are some specifics.

Safety and Affordability

For a coastal location, Jacksonville is relatively safe when it comes to natural hazards. When you choose Fleet Landing as your Jacksonville home, you get the added safety and security of a gated Independent Living community with 24-hour security and emergency response.  

Choosing Fleet Landing also gets you access to WELLInspiredTM programming and the valuable Life Care benefit should you need health care down the road. Our accredited services and amenities help support an active lifestyle and your overall well-being to help you stay as healthy as possible.  

Health Services at Fleet Landing

Health Services at Fleet Landing ensures you receive the best care as your needs change. You can utilize the home health services if you need extra support. The community also offers Skilled Nursing and Rehabilitation if you need more intensive medical care.

Our on-site Baptist primary health clinic is another key advantage of Fleet Landing. The clinic specializes in senior care, allowing you to have easy access to medical professionals who can best meet your needs. You can also get referrals if you need to see specialists.

In addition to the Health Services provided by Fleet Landing, the available Health Care in the Jacksonville area is second to none. The Mayo Clinic, Baptist, and MD Anderson are some of the best systems in the nation, attracting retirees from all over the country.

Local Amenities

Jacksonville is packed with things to do, so you can stay active and enjoy every minute of your retirement. Fleet Landing puts you six blocks from the beach, so you can always enjoy a lovely walk along the water or take a water break on your bike ride and look out at the waves. Other top spots to explore in the city include:

  • Castaway Island Preserve
  • Jacksonville Arboretum and Gardens
  • Museum of Contemporary Art Jacksonville
  • Jacksonville Zoo and Botanical Gardens

Another Great Reason to Choose Fleet Landing

Does Jacksonville sound like your dream retirement location? Fleet Landing offers exceptional amenities that can make your life in Jacksonville even more fulfilling. Contact us or call 904.748.2252 to learn about our future residency program, the Atlantic Club!