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A Luxury Senior Living and Gated Retirement Community in Florida


Since our founding by a group of military officers in 1985, the success of Fleet Landing has been based on three key values: service to others, a can-do spirit and a commitment to achieving ever-higher goals. As a not-for-profit community, our focus is on the people who live here, so we reinvest all profits toward continual improvement of our physical campus as well as our programs and amenities. Our board of directors is made up of professionals from a variety of backgrounds, including physicians, health care administrators, attorneys and CPAs. In addition, the board includes two residents who are voting members, and the President of the Residents’ Council attends all meetings. This dedicated group of individuals guides our future planning and remains committed to Fleet Landing’s mission and strategic growth.

It is these values and these people who have created an engaging, motivated culture and a community that continues to experience steady growth, receive high ratings for our health care services, and remain financially stable. Through their enthusiasm and leadership, Residents create clubs and organizations as diverse as they are, sharing their varied expertise and interests with others. They volunteer their time to causes they care about. And since many have traveled throughout their lives, making friends is just second nature. It all adds up to a thoroughly fulfilling lifestyle.

We think Fleet Landing offers just the right combination of location, convenience, natural beauty, camaraderie, diversity and community spirit. We invite you to visit and see why we say that Fleet Landing is Full of Life.

To schedule a personal visit and discover all that retirement living at Fleet Landing has to offer, please call (904) 748-2252.


It is the mission of Fleet Landing to enrich the lives of older adults through high-quality programs and services to support successful aging:


Making the most of your health


Learning that never stops


Connecting with kindred spirits

Spiritual & Emotional

Feeling good on the inside


Living with purpose

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Fleet Landing’s WELLInspired™ program received a special commendation from CARF, the independent national authority for senior living accreditation.