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Engaging Activities for Residents of Independent and Assisted Living

One of the benefits of moving to a Life Care community is doing away with chores. The team is available to cook, clean, and help with daily tasks, giving you plenty of time to enjoy your favorite activities and discover new passions. Independent and Assisted Living at Fleet Landing enhances your physical, emotional, creative, and intellectual life to help achieve a WELLInspired™ life! Read on to discover some of the most engaging activities available for Residents of Fleet Landing.

Water Aerobics

Water aerobics is a great fitness choice for seniors. The water protects your joints while providing resistance that ensures your muscles get a workout. Older adults with arthritis, prior injuries, or extra weight may find it difficult to exercise on land, but the buoyancy of the water provides support. This can help you stay active, even if you have mobility challenges.

Fleet Landing has both indoor and outdoor swimming pools where Residents of Independent and Assisted Living can enjoy water-based exercise. In fact, many Residents regularly gather with friends for scheduled water aerobics classes that are led by fitness professionals.

Fitness Center

For those that prefer to stay on land,  fitness classes are a wonderful option for seniors to remain active and support overall strength, stability, and balance. Physical activity promotes heart health and overall wellness, and exercise also releases endorphins for the added benefit of a mood boost.

At Fleet Landing, the cool, comfortable fitness center offers a wide range of exercise and fitness classes that cater to Residents of all levels and abilities in our Independent and Assisted Living communities. Our group classes are designed to improve flexibility, cardiovascular health, and mobility. In addition to aerobics-style classes, Residents of North Point and Leeward Manor enjoy dance classes, chair yoga, tai chi, and chi-gong, as well as balance and flex classes.
If you have specific fitness goals, you should speak with your physician about the best ways to achieve them, or if you’re a Resident at Fleet Landing, you may want to talk to one of our personal trainers. After conducting a fitness assessment, a trainer can provide you with a plan to meet those goals, whether you want to rehab an injury or take your dog for longer walks.

Performing Arts

Fleet Landing isn’t only about physical health; we aim to enhance all areas of Residents’ wellbeing. Studies have shown that enjoying or participating in music and artistic performances can benefit older adults by supporting cognitive function and reducing stress. Johnson Hall in Windward Commons  provides opportunities for Residents to enjoy cultural activities, lectures, and performances by outside groups. Our Summer Concert Series draws talent from across the country, including several Grammy Award winners and nominees!

Performing for your neighbors is a fun way to meet new people and flex your creative muscles. If you’re a singer, consider joining a community chorus. Regular rehearsals and seasonal performances give you a chance to meet new people and show off your talents as a group.

Social Hour

One of Fleet Landing’s most popular events in Leeward Manor and North Point is Social Hour. In this take on “happy hour,” Residents enjoy socializing together, chatting with friends, and making new connections within the community.  The sounds of  favorite musicians often add to the ambience and fun.  An added benefit, as Mayo Clinic research shows, connecting at events such as Social Hour, can help sharpen memory, increase well-being, and perhaps even a longer lifel

Book Clubs

Reading has amazing benefits for seniors. Reading keeps your brain supple, leading to better memory, enhanced decision-making, and reduced stress. Regular reading also helps you sleep better and can delay the onset of Alzheimer’s disease and dementia.
Fleet Landing is home to a beautiful, well-curated library, with cozy spaces to curl up with a good book. However, there’s no reason to just sit in a quiet corner with a pile of books. A book club lets you join a community of bibliophiles. It broadens your horizons and introduces you to new friends and ideas.  

Day trips

Getting out and about in your local area is a great way to remain active, get some fresh air, and add some variety to your day. A visit to a nature preserve, waterside park, or even a scenic drive lends opportunities for a little sunshine and beautiful views, which can do wonders for your mood. Day trips to a nearby museum, art exhibit, or a seasonal festival or event provide mental stimulation paired with opportunities for conversation.
For Residents at Fleet Landing, there’s plenty to do without ever leaving the campus. But with a local area teeming with so many options, why not spend a little time exploring? Day trips to performances, restaurants, historical sites, baseball games,  the beach, and other places of interest are always on the Calendar. The team takes care of organizing transport, meaning you only need to enjoy yourself and the company of your friends.

Great Days Ahead at Fleet Landing

All these activities and more are supported by our amazing team. This lets you focus on enjoying the experiences rather than organizing them. The best way to learn about all of the WELLInspired™ experiences that are available to Independent and Assisted Living Residents at Fleet Landing is to visit us! Contact us on 904.748.2252 to arrange a tour and discuss the opportunities that Independent and Assisted Living can provide.