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What makes life at Fleet Landing exceptional? The WELLInspired™ lifestyle of course! The team at Fleet Landing strategically, and intentionally, brings every Resident experience back to the Mission: “To enrich the lives of older adults through high quality programs and services to support successful aging.” A guiding philosophy that undergirds our Mission is our trademarked WELLInspired™ program. Since its inception and grounded in science, WELLInspired™ has driven the culture, programs, and services at Fleet Landing and given Residents the tools to live a full life.

The term “wellness” was developed in the 1950’s to better encapsulate the idea of the “well-being of the total person.” New approaches to healthful living were emerging then, inspired in part by the preamble to the World Health Organization’s 1948 constitution: “Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.” For years, the fitness and medical industries focused solely on physical strength and stamina. The concept of wellness gained steam in the 1980’s when the “dimensions of wellness” were defined and identified based on research. These dimensions of wellness include physical, intellectual, social, spiritual & emotional and vocational. According to the data, these dimensions should be in balance to achieve or maintain optimal health. The nationally recognized WELLInspired™ program at Fleet Landing strives to address all dimensions of wellness and provide the support needed for successful aging.

The WELLInspired™ life is a promise that is felt through the continuum of care at Fleet Landing and is arguably the fountain of youth for our Residents. The American College of Sports Medicine’s (the platinum standard) “Exercise is Medicine” global initiative seeks to include physical activity in the design of healthcare treatment plans, including physician referrals to evidence-based exercise programs and qualified exercise professionals. We have those experts at Fleet Landing. Wellness is the standard in healthcare. While many traditional communities focus on the physical and social aspects of wellness, a more effective philosophy addresses the full spectrum. At Fleet Landing, we make plans with intention: from our monthly WELLInspired™ Learning Series, to our fresh, healthy menu options, to our monthly health observance foci and 100 Club, we plan programs that support vibrant aging throughout the continuum. These efforts lead to an aggregate impact in our community by helping Residents, whether they live independently or in our supported living neighborhoods, live longer, better lives.

Soon after Fleet Landing becomes your home, one of our WELLInspired™ team members will create a plan to enhance every aspect of a satisfying, healthy lifestyle—specifically tailored to you. Whether it is designing a fitness program and diet to maintain that pep in your step or helping you make the most of your social life, our team will work with you to make sure that you can enjoy life to its fullest. You will also be introduced to our new “smart” technology that puts the entire WELLInspired™ lifestyle at your fingertips. This technology also equips our team with the actionable insights needed to develop high impact communication and wellness programming. While participation is voluntary, you will find that nearly everything that happens here at Fleet Landing is tied to the program in some way; WELLInspired™ fits seamlessly into your everyday life.

Simply stated, an ounce of prevention, a pound of intention and a ton of fun is our goal at Fleet Landing! All a Resident needs to do is be involved- we take the guesswork out of balancing a WELLInspired™ lifestyle!

Content Submitted by Jennifer Joy, Director of Wellness