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4 Summer Activities to Keep Cool at Fleet Landing

You don't have to compromise your lifestyle to keep cool and safe as the mercury rises. Planning your schedule around indoor activities and saving outdoor pursuits for the early morning and evening can help you beat the heat while socializing and staying active. Below, we'll reveal four of the best summer activities for seniors to help you keep cool at Fleet Landing.

1. Fitness Center

Fleet Landing's well-equipped fitness center offers the perfect setting to stay active while escaping the Florida heat. Our innovative WELLInspiredTM program promotes a vibrant, healthy lifestyle for our Residents, and our diverse program provides activities to suit any ability level.

Designed with the needs of seniors in mind, our knowledgeable wellness team delivers a broad range of fitness classes to help you develop and maintain optimal balance, strength, and cardiovascular health. You can also access our Rise and Shine, balance, and chair yoga classes via video link if you prefer to exercise in the comfort of your home.. The program includes chair-based and chair-assisted options to suit people with mobility or balance issues.

If you aren't sure how to get started with senior fitness or have specific health needs, our team of personal trainers can help. Your trainer can develop a personalized program to suit your unique requirements and support you in meeting your wellness goals.

2. Croquet

Strenuous outdoor exercise is often uncomfortable during the warmer months, but you can still stay active in the open air with low-impact alternatives. Croquet is an ideal activity for older adults because it combines gentle physical and mental activity without putting excessive strain on joints and muscles.

Our community Residents can enjoy a game while socializing with friends at The LaHatte Croquet Courts at the Fleet Landing Croquet Club. These newly refurbished courts stand as a testament to the dedication of Bill and LaVonne LaHatte, who moved to Fleet Landing in 1993 and demonstrated a great passion for croquet and our community. Club members are welcome to use the courts anytime, although playing before 11 a.m. or after 5 p.m. is the safest option during hot weather.

3. Mindfulness Studio

Escape the heat while nurturing your mind and soul at the Fleet Landing Mindfulness Studio. Our Mindfulness Matters group offers programs to reduce stress, improve mood, and alleviate loneliness. Furthermore, research indicates that practicing mindfulness as an older adult can help manage pain, promote better sleep, and potentially boost immunity and heart health.

Our mindfulness schedule includes physical activities, such as tai chi, yoga, and meditation, to support mental and spiritual well-being. Many of our Residents also enjoy labyrinth walking, a type of active meditation involving walking along a winding path. The program encompasses social activities to promote community togetherness and emotional well-being, including regular mindfulness events and food drives.

4. Performing Arts

Catching a live performance in an air-conditioned venue is an ideal way to be entertained without overheating. As a Fleet Landing Resident, you can enjoy a diverse program of performing arts events just steps from your independent living or assisted living apartment or home. This year, Fleet Landing will host the Grammy-nominated bluegrass band Special Consensus right on campus in Johnson Hall. We also offer shuttle transportation for many events in the local area.

Just a half hour drive from Fleet Landing is the Jacksonville Center for the Performing Arts. This impressive riverside building is home to three theaters, including a symphony hall. The venue hosts classical and contemporary concerts, plays, and family-friendly performances. Nearby, The Florida Theatre is one of Florida's oldest community theaters and operates a diverse schedule of plays and musicals. Budding thespians could also consider joining one of the venue's adult classes to develop their acting skills.

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