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Independent Living near Jacksonville FL

Fleet Landing's Independent Living community and other care services allow seniors to age in place without missing a moment of fun near Jacksonville, FL. Approximately 13% of Jacksonville, FL's 921,000 residents are seniors aged 65 and older. Jacksonville has several beautiful parks that seniors and their families can enjoy on weekend outings. These include Little Talbot State Park, Jacksonville Arboretum and Gardens, and the Amelia Island State Park.

At Fleet Landing, we offer numerous living arrangements and services for older adults in our care. You'll experience a luxurious retirement community with a welcoming atmosphere. Independent Living residents meet interesting new people and pursue their interests as part of the community. We want you to feel confident about your decision to choose us. As one of Florida's best-rated continuing care retirement communities, we offer the amenities you need now and in the future. Let us help you live the fullest life!

As an active individual, we urge you to consider us for your independent living needs near Jacksonville, FL. We also have assisted livingmemory careskilled nursing, and other options to meet the needs of older adults.

Independent Living near Jacksonville, FL

Our Independent Living floor plans accommodate one or two roommates. So, whether you're married or are entering this phase of your life with a friend, you'll have more than one-floor plan to choose from. As a life care community, we offer Independent Living residents priority access to other levels of care available on campus. You automatically receive priority if you need skilled nursing, assisted living, or other care types. Let someone else take care of the housework, yard work, and additional home care and maintenance burdens. Now is your time!

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Benefits of Independent Living

There are many benefits of Independent Living at Fleet Landing, including the following:

  • Maintenance-free living. Let someone else handle all those chores you used to do around the house. Will you really miss mowing the lawn?
  • Someone else will do the housekeeping, laundry, and cooking.
  • Utilities, Wi-Fi, telephone, and cable are included in the same monthly fee.
  • You receive a nutritious diet prepared by chefs for exquisite dining.
  • Social interaction with other residents means becoming part of a larger community.
  • Activities provide an opportunity to learn new skills and have fun!

Why Should I Choose Independent Living Over Staying at Home?

Ultimately, that's an individual choice. However, our Independent Living community provides:

  • Companionship
  • The opportunity to learn something new
  • A full roster of cultural and social events

Giving up your home may cause some emotional turmoil at first, but there's a whole new life awaiting you without the burden of keeping up your own home. If your family members currently worry about your safety and security, you can give them peace of mind by moving into our gated community with medical care available on-site around the clock.

Visitors and Pets Are Welcome

Many prospective residents want to know if family and friends can visit them or bring their pets along when they move in. When you come to our community, this becomes your home. That means that your guests are welcome. Your family, friends, and grandchildren can participate in activities and dine with you. We also have guest rooms that family members can rent if they come from out of town.

You don't have to give up your cat, dog, fish, or birds to join our community. We would be happy to provide our pet policy and show you the areas where your pet can wander freely.

Are you ready to find out if Fleet Landing is the right Independent Living community for you? Contact us today to schedule a tour of our community near Jacksonville, FL.


Why would I choose independent living if I can stay in my current home instead?

Living alone in a house that was once full of family can be isolating and lonely. Independent living communities offer an array of opportunities to socialize, learn something new, enjoy cultural events and more. And when you choose an independent living community, you can leave chores like cooking, cleaning, home maintenance and lawn care behind.

In addition, if family members worry about your safety living in your current home, you’ll all gain valuable peace of mind knowing you’ve chosen a gated community with on-site health care team members and security personnel who are available 24-hours a day, seven days a week.

Can my grandchildren, family and friends visit?

Your guests are always welcome in your home and, while visiting, they are more than welcome to enjoy our recreational facilities, dining venues and other amenities with you. We also offer guest rooms that can be reserved and rented for visiting family members and friends.

Are pets allowed?

Yes. Pets are family, too! Our community is pet-friendly and welcomes dogs, cats, birds and fish. Be sure to ask about our pet policy, the approval process, and the pet-friendly areas of the community when you visit.