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COVID-19 UPDATE 8.12.2020

The Fleet Landing team continues to work tirelessly to minimize the risks of COVID-19 within our community. The safety of our Residents is our number one priority and we will continue to do everything possible to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

Since our last report, we are saddened to share that two individuals in the Derfer Healthcare Pavilion that tested positive for COVID-19 last month, have passed away. We share the grief felt by these families. Our thoughts and prayers are with them during this difficult time. Our team is grateful to these families for their compassion and for the appreciation they expressed for the care their loved ones received over the last several years here at Fleet Landing.

We have now gone two weeks with no new cases in the Derfer Healthcare Pavilion for either Residents or staff. There have been no new positive cases to report over the past week in Leeward Manor ad Nancy House. In addition to the measures that we already have in place, we will be expanding the use of N95 respirators to include all members of our clinical team working in Leeward Manor and the Nancy House. All staff members working in the Derfer Healthcare Pavilion are already using N95 respirators and full Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

Thank you for your ongoing support. Please email with any questions.