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COVID-19 UPDATE 7.7.2020

The health and safety of our Residents and team continues to be our top priority. Fleet Landing leadership continues to work closely with LeadingAge Florida and health agencies to ensure that we are doing everything in our power to minimize impacts of COVID-19. Thank you for your continued support of our efforts.

Last week’s round of testing included Derfer Pavilion, Leeward Manor, and Nancy House team members, as well as Derfer Pavilion Residents. The majority of the results have been received and have been negative, including Resident results. A new positive result was received for one team member who had been working in Derfer Pavilion. They have experienced no signs or symptoms and were wearing the appropriate PPE while working with Residents. Their last Resident contact was over 14 days ago. They are currently self-isolating at home and will return to work as appropriate per CDC guidelines. Contact tracing has been completed and those who were in contact with this team member have received negative test results. Additionally, a positive result was received for one team member who had been isolating at home in response to an earlier positive test and for one team member who had previously tested positive through their primary workplace. Neither of these team members have had Resident contact within the past 14 days, they will continue to self-isolate until their re-tests show negative results, per CDC guidelines. The two Residents who previously tested positive, and are currently at North Florida’s designated COVID community, continue to show no symptoms. Their re-test results are pending. Fleet Landing will move to bi-weekly for all team members in Derfer Pavilion, Leeward Manor, and Nancy House. Resident testing will continue to take place per CDC guidelines.

To date, Fleet Landing has received 1,902 results from tests that we have administered to our team members and Residents beginning in April. Of those results, we have had 9 positive results (3 Resident, 6 team members), which equates to a positive rate to under .50% overall. While we are never pleased with positive tests, our positive rate compares favorably with local (7.9%) and state (9.2%) numbers* and reinforces the importance of our infection prevention and control measures initiated throughout the Fleet Landing campus. As a reminder, these measures include screenings with temperature check for ALL team members and approved visitors to our campus, requiring face coverings in public areas and where social distancing is not possible, ongoing education for team members and Residents, and changes to day-to-day operations to promote physical distancing.

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