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COVID-19 UPDATE 6.11.2020

The health and well-being of Residents and team members continues to be Fleet Landing’s top priority.  We are pleased to announce that Fleet Landing has partnered with Telescope Health to support our testing initiatives as they continue into the near term.  We feel fortunate to be able to bring in additional resources so that we can maintain a safe, infection free environment, while providing the best care to Residents.  Currently, these efforts are focused in Derfer Pavilion, home to our most vulnerable Residents.

Through our ongoing testing in Derfer Pavilion, we identified earlier in the week, a third team member who has tested positive for the coronavirus.  The team member has shown no signs or symptoms of the illness.  They are self-isolating at home and our team has completed contact tracing.  In response to this positive case we have begun an additional round of testing for Residents in Derfer Pavilion.  The two employees who previously tested positive were also asymptomatic, and returned to work upon completion of additional testing and negative results, per CDC guidelines.  Fortunately, no Residents or team members are showing signs or symptoms of the coronavirus across our campus.

As we move into the fourth month of restrictions related to the pandemic, we know that everyone is looking forward to the time when we can loosen our measures and come together again.  Please refer to our 5.14.20 update for Fleet Landing’s plan to chart our course forward.  Please email with any questions.  Thank you for your continued patience and your support of our efforts to keep Fleet Landing safe.