Visit Fleet Landing at Nocatee

COVID-19 Update 1.22.2021

Earlier this week, Fleet Landing hosted it's second vaccination clinic in partnership with Walgreens pharmacy.   Derfer Healthcare Pavilion, Leeward Manor, and Nancy House Residents and team members received the Pfizer vaccine booster (2nd dose) while independent living Residents and additional team members received their 1st dose of the vaccine.  Collectively, over 750 doses were administered to Residents and team members.  Walgreens will be returning in the coming weeks to provide the 2nd dose to those who received their 1st this week.

We are encouraged by the recent success of our vaccination clinics and will continue to take all of the necessary precautions to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. We continue to ask visitors to follow the appropriate protocols and safety measures while on campus. Please reach out to for details on visitation and questions.