Resident Absence

Please fill out form and read information below.

I understand that if my absence is in excess of two weeks that Fleet Landing Maintenance Personnel must enter my unit to check plumbing, electrical and mechanical systems (every two weeks).

In the interest of energy conservation and prevention of damage to my household effects I will (unless otherwise noted), prior to my departure:

  • Set security alarm.
  • When Resident puts the home telephone on vacation rate the security alarm system will not alert outside of the home.
  • Turn off the hot water at circuit breaker box.
  • Set air conditioning at 50-55 degree in Winter and 80-85 degrees in Summer.
  • Reduce temperature of any built-in instant hot water systems.
  • Close blinds to save electricity and prevent upholstery fading.
  • Open all closet doors to prevent mildew.
  • Turn off ice maker and reduce refrigerator setting to 3 or 2.
  • Unplug stereo, TV’s, VCR’s, computers, electric typewriter, etc., that could be damaged by a power surge or lightening.